"A Correspondence Bible College at your Doorstep"

We also have residential Bible College called "Logos Theological Seminary", New session will begin from 04 July 2016 at Titligudi (Goshpukur), near Bagdogra (Darjeeling Dist. of West Bengal) offering C.Th., Dip.Th., and B.Th. in English. Fee Annually only Rs. 15,000 (Ten Thousand Rupees). Interested person can contact the Principal, Dr. Hem Sagar Rasaily:- +91 9989679708 Website: www.logostheologicalseminary.org


FEW WORDS ABOUT LOGOS BIBLE COLLEGE: (Admission Form can be saved as JPEG (Photo) from Page called "FEE AND ADMISSION FORM) Logos Bible College is a distant learning Bible College for all the Christians worldwide. LOGOS BIBLE COLLEGE is Accredited by "Baptist Schools Accrediting Association", Utah, U.S.A. and also Approved Study Center of "Salt Lake Baptist College", Utah, USA Our principle aim is to provide higher Biblical Studies those who could not get opportunity or afford to go to residential Bible College but now are already in the ministry and have family, are in different services and have many commitments which make them difficult to go to a residential Bible College. 

"Biblical Knowledge for All" being our motto, Logos Bible College would like to bring the benefits to a large number of people, including employees, adults interested in Bible learning, women and housewives in India and abroad. Logos Bible College is not a business-based Institute for we exist to educate, train and equip. We don't call students for contact classes, no Graduation, receive study materials at home and send the answers by post. No extra expenditure for we value your money and time. Fee can be paid in installments also. 

"Shalom Vision Bible College" at Klang, Malaysia, "Logos Bible College" Branch in Nepal, "El Shaddai Theological College", West Bengal are affiliated to Logos Bible College. 
 Contact Detail: 
Dr. Hem Sagar Rasaily (Director) 
C- 39 / 1, 
Defence Lab Quarters 
Post Kanchanbagh 
Telangana State- 500058 
Phone: +91 9989679708 / +91 9494237274
Email address: lacindia@gmail.com / lacindia@rediffmail.com


Logos Bible College is accredited by "Baptist Schools of Accrediting Association", Utah, USA. and Logos Bible College is also a "Approved Study Center" of "Salt Lake Baptist College", Utah, USA
Our College is listed in the Wesbsite of BSAA - http://baptistschoolsaccreditingassociation.org/accreditedschools.html



BSAA is a theological accrediting association formed in 2002 which accredits only those schools that hold to and teach sound traditional biblical principles and doctrines in accord with traditional Baptist beliefs and uphold the authority and accuracy of the King James Version of the Bible in English or comparable foreign language translations of God's Word from the Majority Text. Schools accredited by this agency must be under the authority of a local Baptist Church or a group of Baptist Churches.

Accreditation from the BSAA is not meant to take the place of, nor is it meant to be compared with, secular accreditation. The purpose of the BSAA is to assure the Churches that hold to traditional Baptist bible doctrines that the schools accredited by us do indeed teach those doctrines that are in accord with their own Baptist Church's traditional biblical beliefs.

CERTIFICATION of Theologically Accredited schools:
Currently those schools approved by BSAA receive a certificate of theological accreditation.

Internationally, BSAA has theologically accredited colleges in the USA, Thailand, Samoa, Zambia, multiple colleges in Nigeria, several in West Africa, and in the Philippines, and India. Graduates from our accredited colleges in the USA and abroad have had their degrees recognized, and accepted, by various governments including the USA, Nigeria, Zambia, the Philippines, Brazil, India, China, and others.

Study Centers:
Those schools theologically accredited by the BSAA are also certified to act as Study Centers for Salt Lake Baptist College/Salt Lake Bible College/UA online for purposes of tutoring the online students.

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